Kyle Carpenter war hero and Medal of Honor recipient. When being faced with the task of deciding who I would interview if I could interview anyone I struggled to think of who I’d pick.

I could have picked an actor, a sports player or a musician but after some heavy thinking I decided on a man whose act of selflessness has inspired me and many other Americans.

Lance Corporal Kyle Carpenter was a marine who was stationed in Afghanistan. Carpenter and his squad were under heavy gunfire from the Taliban. Carpenter and one of his friends were both on the roof of a building firing at the enemy when suddenly a grenade landed on the roof. Without any hesitation Carpenter jumped on the grenade to save his friend. He suffered serious injuries to his face and right arm. It’s a miracle that he survived the blast. In 2014 he was awarded the Medal of Honor from president Obama.

If I were to sit down and talk to him I would want to know about his life in Afghanistan. I would also like to know about how he recovered from his injuries and how it feels to receive the Medal of Honor.



2 thoughts on “Interview

  1. That’s an interesting strategy you used to decide who to interview. This will make an inspiring story if you get the opportunity to meet with this person. We all could benefit from hearing more about selfless acts. Wish you all the best with this one.


  2. I think this would be a great and extremely interesting interview. Since I’ve had family members in the military I would find this super touching. His background kinda made me think of Chris Kyle. Great work 🙂


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