Interview Preparation

With my busy schedule finding time to conduct an interview with my coworker Todd was difficult. I decided to improvise. I was able to successfully interview him while we were both at work. I had to wait for the store to close so I wasn’t a distraction during the day when customers were in the store. I treated the interview kind of like a normal conversation and I was able to get the information I needed. The reason I selected Todd for this interview is because of his experience. He has worked a lot of different retail stores so he knows the business. He also has a lot of opinions on what needs to change at our store and what should be done differently such as the treatment of employees and certain aspects of management. Overall this interview went well and I will have a lot of interesting things to share.


3 thoughts on “Interview Preparation

  1. hi Cory , i can relate with you on finding time to schedule the interview . the way you treated the interview as if it were a regular conversation was the same thing i did.
    i’m glad that you were successful with your interview !

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  2. Interviewing him while at work had to be difficult to make schedules match, you did a great job showing your flexibility. The experience Todd must have gave you insight on your own work ethic with all the knowledge received from his experience. Can not wait for the interview.

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  3. Hi Cory! There’s something that Publix always amazes me and its the excellent customer service that is provided. It sounds really interesting to hear about the employer’s thoughts and the company’s management. I look forward to reading your article!

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