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A hyperlocal news sight is a news sight that only focuses on news in a very small area. A high school football team or news about a neighborhood would be considered hyperlocal. Hyperlocal news sites tend to emphasize reader input and interaction more than than a typical mainstream news site. Many feature blogs and online videos created by readers. Some tap into databases from local governments to provide information on things like crime and area road construction. A website I found was bay news 9. The website covers a lot of things local to us. The home page is covered with information about the hurricane and how it will affect the bay area. Fox 13 is another example of hyperlocal news. The format is very similar to bay news 9. I find hyperlocal news really helpful because it gives you information that is happening in your area.



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  1. Hi Cory, I like the different types of examples you gave explaining what a hyperlocal news site is. Small towns love Friday night lights, so many hyperlocal news sites do depend on events such as that to write about.


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